How to Create A Monthly Budget for Beginners

At the beginning of each month, I project what I am going to make each month versus the bills or payments I know I will have. With that remaining amount, I break it up weekly to budget how much money I can spend on the things that I NEED. After figuring that out, I decide if I can put anything into savings.

For this, I made myself a simple form to better organize and visualize my finances. Lucky for you, I am sharing that form.

As you can see, most bills and payments come around the first week of the month. For me, that is when I do the least of amount of spending just because my brain knows how much money is coming out of my bank account. After that first week, it becomes easier to spend money because I know there aren’t that many bills left. Those remaining 3 or 4 weeks left in the month are the weeks I need to practice the most restraint. Those weeks are when I need to follow the budget I have put for myself. By putting my budget down on paper, I am holding myself accountable if I go over it. I don’t think there is any bigger disappointment than disappointing yourself.

To keep track of my weekly spending, every time I use my debit card, I write down in the notes on my phone how much I just spent and what category it was in. As you can see in the form, I only have 3 categories; gas, groceries, and miscellaneous. Anything that isn’t gas or items I bought at the grocery store I label under miscellaneous. Once you start making more and more categories, the more money you end up spending.

When budgeting, KEEP IT SIMPLE.


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