Easy Ways to Treat Yourself On A Budget

Even though I live on an EXTREMELY tight budget, I wholeheartedly believe in treating yo self. How do I do this you ask? Somewhat easily. I found out after I decided to reduce my spending that it doesn’t take much to make yourself feel pampered.

One of the things I did every month was to get a mani-pedi. That always seems like it’s going to be relaxing, but people pushing and pulling at your cuticles is never a terribly enjoyable experience. Instead of getting it done professionally, I just did it myself. It doesn’t last as long, but it does always feel nice to be walking around with some fresh nails. I always do my nails while having a nice candle lit, relaxing music, and maybe a glass of sauvignon blanc. My favorite brand is Essie and my go to color is Sugar Daddy. At Target, it can be yours for $7.69:

Another one of my favorites is to get one of the cheap mud masks from target and sit (again) with a nice candle, relaxing music, and definitely a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. If you don’t know what kind of mask I’m talking about, here is one of my favorites for $2.49:

So those two probably seemed like some obvious picks, but those oldies are still definitely goodies.

There are some things I had to cut out of my day-to-day to be able to maintain my budget, and now they are things that I get from time to time to treat myself. One of those items is anything from Starbucks. I used to get coffees and lattes almost everyday. That could get up to $25 easily every week. I now allow myself 1 Starbucks or other coffee place item a week. I have never been a person who needed a lot of caffeine to function, so it was more the ritual that I knew I would miss. Since I know that I can only have one a week, it really does feel like I am treating myself every time I get one.

That same feeling can also be said for my Target trips. I was going way more than the average person should go. If I had to guess, I was going 2 to 3 times a week. Usually on my days off from work or if I got out of work early. I know I am not alone in the “I can always need something from Target” dilemma. I now limit myself to go to Target every other week. Turns out, it is actually possible to walk out of there without purchasing everything you didn’t need. Don’t believe me? Try going in with a list and seriously only get what is on the list. You leave feeling like Wonder Woman.

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